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Puncak Bumi Utama Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned Malaysian company established in 2001. We are a ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified company, registered with the Malaysia Medical Device Authority (MDA). Our main office and manufacturing facility is located in Simpang Ampat Penang. We specialise in the manufacturing of Medical Beds and related hospital accessories and peripherals.


Positive Negative Pressure Patient Transfer System

MyISOPOD Tm - The multipurpose Specialised Isolation Unit (SIU)

MyISOPOD Tm offers a total solution for evacuation, recovery, treatment, processing and, where necessary, final disposition of victims. It provides safe isolation and transportation of patients and able to mitigate and neutralised any "off gassing "through its high efficiency HEPA filters. With its dual Positive and Negative functions , MyISOPOD Tm provides a safe carriage for immuno-compromised patients, burns victims and patients that required total isolation from toxic or hazardous enviroment air.


  • MyISOPOD Tm consists of 2 primary components namely the isolation capsule and the control box housing the blower, filtration, monitoring and power source.
  • The unit draws in ambient air either in Positive or Negative settings through its 2 HEPA filters and the purified air provides a condusive effect inside the capsule.
  • The full length airtight and waterproof zip ensures the capsule is fully protected by preventing contaminates from leaking internally or externally.
  • The capsule structure is supported by lightweight ribbing made from Polypropylene which are easily install and dismantle.
  • This ribbing creates 5 flexible arches along the length of the capsule in order to support the special fabricated vinyl giving voluminous patient and work space.
  • MyISOPOD Tm is contructed from reinforced white PVC and 16 gauge transparent vinyl material which is puncture resistant.
  • The unit is lightweight and portable and weight only 18 kg.
  • Its compact and easily stored in a carrier bag measuring 60cmx 60cm x 75cm. The blower system is powered by a lithium-ion battery providing 8 hours of operation with a single charge. This includes a battery charger that will provide a full charge within 2 to 4 hours (subject to battery strength). Battery strength is indicated on the control box panel with audio & visual alert for low battery.
  • 8 sets 125mm wide gloved access on both sides allow multiple access to patient, incorporating MyISOPOD Tm Nitrile gloves QUICK-CHANGE technology.
  • 4 sets reinforced nylon hand grips on each side enable personnels to transport and safely manoeuvre patient.
  • Quick release safety restaint straps to secure patient internally together with heavy duty external straps for securing to a gurney/stretcher during transportation either by Land, Air or Sea.
  • There are 3 service ports for O2 line, IV, Patient monitor cables and Ventilator hose. Medication and waste transfer ports are added options available.
  • The unit can be decontaminated by hand carried PHILLIP UVC sterilizer with remote timer which is available in the options.

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Portable Negative Isolation Carrier
(Isopod - Rigid Model)

  • The Isopod canopy is made from heavy duty transparent Perspex Acrylic that sits on a light weight metal base.
  • The unit is suitable to be used in ICU wards and also for transfer of patients from ICU to wards and vice-versa.
  • It has a battery back-up (Lithium) for up to 8 hours of continuous use before requiring charging.
  • A negative pressure will be achieved internally with -15 pa in less than 60 seconds after power is “ON”.
  • The Isopod is used with a Belt System enabling patient to be fastened in the pod and also with the pod securely fastened externally to a stretcher or bed.

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⸻  PBUMED 500 EX-W

Digital Scale

This ICU bed is specially designed for patients that require critical care. The bed frame is constructed of mild steel with EPOXY hard powder coating. The height, backrest, leg rest, knee rest, Trendelenburg (fwd/rvs), cardiac chair position, vascular and auto contour are all controlled by motorized actuators. The backrest is with a X-Ray Translucent base complete with X-Ray cassette tray. Manual CPR release levers are located at both sides of the bed. ABS split side rails. Controls are embedded on both sides of side rails and a separate nurse control at the foot end of the bed. Digital weight scale with zero scale function. Bed exit alarm with audible sound night light at bottom of bed. Central locking 150mm castors for Brake / Free / Steer.

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Electric Delivery Bed

  • This versatile delivery bed can be used for birthing’s, gynaecological and examination use.
  • The delivery bed is easily convertible from bed to delivery table.
  • High quality electric 24V DC actuators for Hi-Lo, Backrest and Trendelenburg positions, enable reliable, flexible, low noise and smooth operations.
  • Hand and Foot Pedal controls.
  • Tubular Mild Steel frame with Hard Powder EPOXY coating (scratch and chip resistant).
  • 3 electrical motorised 24V DC actuators for Hi-Lo, Backrest and Trendelenburg. Retractable Leg section for conversion from Delivery table to bed.

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