JUSTIVALL and Associates Limited have been established since 2012 with the specialist experience within the Import and Export industry. Whilst having founded companies along our journey, JUSTIVALL Furniture and Medical Supplies being our most recent venture.

As majority of companies, industries and individuals have been deeply affected by the Covid 19 pandemic – be it personal or financial loss, it wasn’t an easy year for many.

Be as it may, we were able to strive through these tough times and find windows of opportunity, which has allowed us to appreciate that not all people and organisations had the luck of survival.

Which brings us onto our most valued and recent partnership with Puncak Bumi Utama, which has allowed to fulfil our company’s altruistic core values.

We are more than happy to announce we have begun supplying the ISOPOD into Private and Public Hospitals in the Balkan region as well as Medical Preventative supplies within the United Kingdom market. Which has enabled us to help contribute to the safety of the public and valued key workers.

Introducing the ISOPOD to the frontiers in the Medical Industry throughout the Balkan region has opened the eyes of many healthcare professionals. Realising how imperative it is to take the precautionary action and equipping public locations with preventative equipment that is used to help prevent loss of life.

We have the utmost gratitude to be in this position having partnered with Puncak Bumi Utama, to make readily available preventative medical equipment and the necessary add-ons to help other organisations give aid to those who may be in harm’s way such as hospitals, care homes, public event/sporting spaces.


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Miss Lamija Ariff
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