Medical evacuation is the timely and efficients movement and en route care provided by medical personnel to those wounded in the battlefield , soldiers suffering from burns , toxic chemical or even soldiers with serious viral infections and vulnerable immuno-compromised patients from field hospital.

MyISOPOD with its Positive and Negative settings will be able to meet the requirement of each cases.

When set in Positive mode, vulnerable victims eg. burns patients inside the capsule will be protected from the external hazardous or toxic air.

The high efficiency Hepa Filters are tested to filter any nuclear fallout.

When set in Negative pressure mode, patients with viral infections in Field Hospital can be safely contain inside the capsule thus protecting medical personnels and also the outside surroundings.

MyISOPOD is a portable SIU-SPECIALISED ISOLATION UNIT, which is suitable for Field Hospitals. It is also lightweight (18kg) and easily assemble.