Evacuation from offshore installation may become necessary due to various reasons such as a gas leak , fire and explosion or a viral infections outbreak.

All these are emergency situations whereby transporting of the victims or patients to the nearest hospital safely and speedily is of the utmost urgency.

MyISOPOD is able to assists on the total protections for vulnerable patients eg. burns or a immono-compromised patients which require protection from the hazardous and toxic enviroment.

With its dual Positive and Negative pressure mode, it will be able to meet the requirement for each of the cases. While the preferred means of evacuation from an offshore installation is helicopter, because of certain factors like weather limitations , lifeboats are used as a secondary means of evacuation.

MyISOPOD with its multipurpose features can be used both for evacuation by Air and Sea. The safety latches will fit on all aircrafts and helicopters stretchers.